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Notice: You are in a shared space. You should take your dog tied up.

Section Behobia-Endarlatsa-Alkaiaga

In Montoia tunnel, located in the section from Lesaka to Endarlaza, the district Zalain-Zoko to stretch Endarlaza unfortunately someone has broken the installation of light, so the tunnel is unlit. The Tourist Consortium Bertiz feels much what happened but no budget to fix it at this time. 
Sorry for the inconvenience.

kms between 9 and 10 kms from Behobia to Endarlatsa. In Endarlatsa to the district of Alkaiaga (Lesaka), section 5 kms.El Behobia-Bera (Alkaiaga Lesaka neighborhood) is passable.
NEW!!! second tunnel lighted for first time. There are automatic detectors and manual switch. These improvements are thanks to eurovelo project that we are managing.
EuroVelo project: Bertiz Consortium working on the project. Last updated: 22 January 2014.

Section Lesaka (Alkaiaga) - Lesaka (bridge hotel Bereau)
3 kms approximately. 
Section in good condition. 
Pedestrian underpass under the road Alkaiaga, in good condition.

Last updated:22 January 2014.

Lesaka stretch (bridge hotel Bereau) - Igantzi (Berrizaun)
4 kms approximately. Strecht passable.

Lighted tunnel. Automatic sensors and switches.

EuroVelo project: Bertiz Consortium working on the project.
Last updated: April 22, 2013.

Section Igantzi (Berrizaun) - Sunbilla
Kms: 12 kms approximately.Strecht shabby but passable.
SUPER NEW!!! The famous tunnel wich was so dark has been lighted! There are automatical and manual switchs (at the extremes and one in the centre of the tunnel).
This work is a part of the eurovelo project that the Consorcio is managing. The lights work by solar energy.
Recently, the Government of Navarre has cleaned the way.

In the part of Sunbilla, we must respect the passage of animals and cars from the neighbors who live in the villages through which the Greenway.
Last updated: August 2, 2012.

Section Sunbilla - Legasa
Section Sunbilla-Doneztebe in good condition. kms: 3.5 miles approximately.
In Legasa cemented a stretch that improves the passage.
From Doneztebe to Legasa: 3.5 miles approximately.

-Rent biciclestas, routes, Leurtza Abentura(Doneztebe / Santesteban)
Bicycle Rental- BKZ (Narbarte)
-Taxi Elgorriaga (Elgorriaga): 678 622 494

Last update: 22 April 2013.
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