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ADVANCE. In the absence of an express agreement between the parties means that both parties have agreed upon the following provisions on reserve regime: they may request an advance or a signal that can reach 40% of the amount calculated on the basis of the squares and the number of days for which the booking is made. The dispatch of the advance may be made by money order or transfer aimed at the accommodation owners that turn indicating the dates of entry and exit of the house and the number of people referred to the reservation.

PRICES. The prices listed in the guide include VAT. Accommodation prices include the use of sheets and towels as well as the cost of electricity and heating. The price of hosting service will refer to nights or days, starting at 17 hours and ending them at noon. Failure to cease the occupation of the accommodation that will involve the extension of hourssame for another day.

PAYMENTS. Rural House: Unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties, payment of the price for the stay at the establishment entenerá to be done in the time available to the client of the Bed. In cases of advanced booking, and in the absence of an express agreement between the parties means that the amount paid in advance or sign consitituye the amount of the deposit.

Cottage rooms: the payment of the station will be made ??upon presentation of invoice or receipt.

CANCELLATION. If the destabilizing or cancellation is communicated with more than 7 and less than 15 days prior to that for the occupation, the owner may retain 50% of the deposit.
If the cancellation is communicated to tourist accommodation within 7 days prior to that for the occupation will be available to the owner the amount received by way of signal or deposit.

ARRIVAL. The arrival of the client's home, is set as deadline 20 hours. In the case that clients have not reached the accommodation at that time, the owner of it is right to rent to other potential customers. The possibility of arriving later than the stipulated time as long as customers make telephone prior notice.

INVENTORY. Housing in the cottages there should be an inventory of household goods, which will be delivered to customers upon arrival and checked its progress.

BOND. Homes In Housing, the advancement made by customers to confirm the reservation may be retained as security until their departure. In the event that damages occur, the cost will be deducted from that amount.

Extra beds and cots. It states that an extra bed can be priced no higher than 35% of the room. The use of the crib is free.

HIGH SEASON. If the establishment does not indicate dates of seasons means that the season will be: Easter, and July 1 to September 15.

ADMISSION OF GUESTS. The operating rules of the cottages may regulate the possibility of admission of guests into the estblecimiento terms and conditions thereof. Violation of this provision may lead to early termination of the stay. The overnight guest at the establishment shall be considered occupancy accommodation unit for all purposes.

ANIMALS. The Houses that pets do stays in the garage or the like, never in the rooms, unless otherwise specified.

CLEANING. In the cottages rented in its entirety, the cleaning is to clients during their stay. In the other, cleaning is the responsibility of the owners.

Customer behavior. Customers are expected to total respect for the facilities of the cottages, as well as to their owners and in general to the whole environment, both cultural and natural. They appreciate any suggestion on his part. It may terminate the client's stay in advance when they break the usual rules of civility, hygiene or cohabitation, as well as in the cases with the express prohibition of the owner of the establishment of accommodation places exceeding authorized by the Department of Industry, Commerce, Tourism and Employment (Article 30).

The operating rules of the Houses of Navarre is not referred to in the preceding paragraphs shall be governed by the provisions of the Federal 243/1999 of 28
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